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Privacy Policy | Boat Notes Pro

BoatNotes ≈ LeechLine LLC do not collect ANY data from you. This includes personal information, location data & any other data you enter via the Boat Notes Pro App on your device(s). Your location data, photos taken within the app & your inividual BoatNotes will be saved to your personal iCloud account. BoatNotes Pro stores information as Core Data on your device(s), and if you are logged in to your iCloud account, the same data will be uploaded to iCloud, allowing you to access your data from multiple devices. Apple stores your data in a Private Database, that is only accesible via your iCloud account, and is not shared with us, or any other accounts. If you chose to Export your Events, a JSON file is created and stored in your Documents Folder, both on your device, and if logged in, to iCloud as well.

In the settings tab, you can choose to opt-in or out of saving the tracking data for your boat, and when you Export Events, a .csv log of this track is created in your iCloud douments folder.

This privacy Policy will be updated with each realease of the Boat Notes Pro App, as more functionality is added, and more server-side processing is included.